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Hemsby 9th-12th March 2012 Review

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:55 pm    Post subject: Hemsby 9th-12th March 2012 Review Reply with quote

Very Good : Excellent food and very plentiful. Once again it was pleasant to meet up with other dancers at mealtimes and make new friends. The music was good all weekend, wherever I went and I really enjoyed the Blues Room this time. This may have been because I got over my nervousness about asking people to dance there and actually spent most of the time dancing Blues rather than Jiving in the main room although I did go along there later in the evening and had some great dances when it had thinned out a bit. The cabarets were outstanding and too many and too varied to go into detail here.

Good : The accommodation I had was good and I had a double bed, a partition with a single bed and a bathroom all to myself. A nice touch was the flat screen TV with Freeview. However, I would have preferred a shower to a small bath. The Themed Costume Night (1970's) was hilarious and most people really made an effort. See photos here.

Not so good : I found it a little strange that from 9-Midnight each night the Harlequin Room (otherwise known as the Blues Room) was taken over by Tango dancers while the blues was moved to the Blue Lagoon (or WCS room). Whenever I looked, there wasn't very many people actually dancing Tango during that time so, to me, it seemed a bit of a waste of the room. I'm sure anyone who did dance Tango there at that time will argue with me...but there you are.

Bad : Very hot in the Main room for the freestyles again and initially the music was way too loud. It even drove me out until enough people had filled the hall or the DJ had moderated the sound level. Once again, certain dancers who danced later on in a fairly crowded Blues Room and insisted in dancing very fast in long slots to music that other dancers were dancing slow Blues to. Nothing destroys a Blues-type atmosphere quicker than having a couple of thoughtless dancers, showing off their fast, flashy moves at breakneck speed while just missing the dancers around them. I would have called them good dancers but they seemed to barely have control of the fast moves and part of being a good dancer is adjusting your dancing to the environment you are dancing in. These people were either too egotistical, too ignorant or unable to dance any slower apparently. If they had danced the same moves at a slower pace, it probably would have looked better and been more acceptable. It was a shame they didn't "get it" as the WCS room was still open at the time and they should have been dancing there.

Ugly : Nothing. It was an excellent weekender.

I can't comment too much on the classes as I only did 2! Walks to the beach in the sunshine and rugby took precedence. However, I enjoyed the class by Jim and Nicky and also the Blues class by Howard and Nicola.

Just a P.S....after driving back from Hemsby on the Monday for 3 hours, I stopped for a comfort break at Fleet Services and bumped into LilBlue and her sister in the toilet area (yeah, ok, I know) on their way back from Camber Sands. What a small world. I see LilBlue posted her review of Camber. Smile
"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."
~Japanese Proverb
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:08 pm    Post subject: Hemsby March 2012 Reply with quote

What went well; catering team coped well with the numbers and although the quality was equivalent with food for the masses it was appropriate for our budget; I really liked the baked potatoes at lunch time and would have welcomed bagettes as an alternative; plenty of staff on hand to clear after as well. Very Happy Being able to see friends whilst eating meals without the stress of cooking and lugging shopping as well as my weekend clothes was excellent. Next time I am going to take a bottle of wine to the table! The timings were long enough to catch something to eat.Lodgings; I stayed in economy which was dated and worn but clean and warm. Friends stayed in Crown and that was much smarter, build more! The hot water never ran out either. The reception staff were welcoming and as a Hemsby virgin explained everything. Dancing; I experienced good teaching with appropriate content and as I went to succesive sessions of a particular class/dance I and others progressed. Enough to want to learn this style with lessons at home. Laughing Music was really good where I spent most of my time (Blue Lagoon;WCS/Harlequin;Tango;blues).The outstanding part was the dancers who were friendly and inclusive. Laughing

Not so well; people arriving from further distances could not get food after 9.30pm ( I understand that you can't keep this open all night but something simple and a drink would be welcome).The clothes were disappointing. At 45 mins the tango sessions were just too short. I echo that some jivers were inconsiderate ( perhaps they did not realise) of the ethos in the blues room. I avoided the Starlight ballroom because it was packed, hot and the music was really too loud for me. Nontheless I had an outstanding weekend.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:08 pm    Post subject: Re: Hemsby March 2012 Reply with quote

Cupcake wrote:
I avoided the Starlight ballroom because it was packed, hot and the music was really too loud for me.

So sorry because by now you must think that this is my hobby horse or something but I entirely agree with the above. Even my SO/partner (who doesn't have any hearing medical issues) said it was too loud (and she goes to MoJive which isn't exactly quiet). I had to use earplugs and when we visited the Starlight Saturday night at about 1.30am the sound was appalling because the speakers were just distorting with the excessive volume. At breakfast some others said the same.

I avoided the Starlight when it got too loud and stayed in the WCS room most of the time.

Highlight of the weekend's workshops for me was Howard and Nicola's Blues workshop which I loved. I really enjoyed the Tango and Jango workshops with Amir as well. The SO loved her ladies only "Attitude" workshop.

Food was tasty and plentiful. Accomodation was excellent although our electric shower kept cutting out and going cold, making taking a shower a much more time-consuming experience. Everyone was really friendly. The cabaret featured some fantastic displays of dancing.

All in all, Hemsby was a lovely experience, but definitely attracts an older crowd. The SO commented that the workshops were difficult and catered to already experienced dancers only (she and I both struggled in some of the classes), so if you weren't already a pretty confident dancer you might not enjoy it as much.
Obviously all this is just my 2p worth...
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